Friday, June 5, 2009

I am inspired

Indeed. I recently touched base with a long lost friend. Although neither one of us considered the other lost. What was lost was our communications. And in that spirit, I give upon the vast cyberworld one more blog to not read. However, to our friends and distant relatives, I give you an open door to my growing family; and a way for Krista and I to communicate our musings as Amina teaches us what it truly means to be humbled. In her first lightning fast year, she entered our lives like tornado. Predicated with a calm fury of a pregnancy, culminating with the delivery and all of its complications. Now, we are left, eyes open, jaws dropped, staring into the face of absolute innocence. Now what?

We blog.

Almost one year has passed since I felt I had any real control over my life. The only difference now is that I have learned to accept the many changes and learned to have a lot more faith. I haven't accepted all nor do I trust entirely that I will figure this fatherhood thing out before Amina gets married. But I have enough faith in Krista and Amina that they will at least do thier best to cover my butt.

I was teaching her how to dance this past Memorial Day. Shes a fast learner, but she got pooped out.

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