Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Munch

Well, one year has now passed since that scary night at Martha Jefferson. Having Amina has forced Krista and I to come to terms with out faith. Not so much as, I am Jewish, or she wants to go to church, but our faith in terms of, we are not alone and we no longer are in control of this situation.

We struggled with high blood pressure, (both of us, but mainly Krista) to the point they forced us to have her early. We've struggled financially, who doesn't? We've struggled with out living situation (Shout out to B.R. who has donated the top floor to the create the Seiden Suite) We've struggled with out relationship (see finances and living situation), but we never once struggled with Amina. She truly has been a blessing. You don't argue with blessings, they don't come all the time and when they do, you keep your mouth shut and enjoy the ride.

She has been an amazing baby. She smiles all the time, she quickly slept through the night, her colicky phase, if she had one, was a few weeks at the most. She truly lights up a room when she enters it.

Yesterday, we went to NTC's picnic. Amina stole the show again.

She is also becoming a world class peek-a-boo player. Were thinking of entering her in the 12-18 month age group competition.

Likewise, she has developed in her fast year awesome high five skills as well as the I'm-blowing you-a-kiss-but-I'm-really-talking-while-hitting-my-face-indian-war-cry.

Please observe the awesomeness that is Krista's face. It's like a bizarre mixture of playful incredulity, some astonishment and terror. I'm dying to know what she was looking at.

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